Rosemary O’Neil, Communications Director at Monroe Public Schools:

I have been working with Candace for years and now with Megan I feel I am getting two top notch freelance writers for the price of one. I can depend on Megan for readable articles and I particularly like the great detail she gets from her interviews. My press releases are always out on schedule. Megan and Candace are reliable, timely and I can rely on them to communicate with me any issues they run up against. They also update our website without me ever having to worry about it.

Wade Sheeler, Creative Director at The Black Maria:

Megan’s company, BlogPudding, swept in, immediately assessed our needs for higher visibility and profile, and within two weeks had an action plan that was doable, and attainable. Her insights were not only impactful to our numbers, but educational. The uptick we’re already seeing on our website is directly correlated to our interface with her and her company. I recommend her highly.

Sean Reid, Writer/Director/Producer:

Megan created a social media marketing strategy for my television project that completely blew me away. She was able to recognize the unique challenges and strengths of our series, offer creative ideas of her own, and pinpoint the ways to monetize it, promote it, and grow a social media audience within the demographics we were looking for. I would not think of doing another project like this without Megan’s help.

J. Marie Riche, Principal Consultant at Ideal Communications:

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Candace Wilson for more than a dozen years and she has earned my deepest respect. Whether she is writing a letter, press release, fact sheet, brochure copy, or planning and writing a complex multiple-page newsletter, Candace’s writing is always clear, interesting, and fun to read.

She is great at assuming her clients’ voice and tone, so her writing feels fresh and local. . . . She is particularly talented at writing about complicated issues in a way that helps readers draw correlations to familiar subjects and relate to the material in new ways.

Her professionalism and attention to detail are an absolute breath of fresh air. . . Hire her; you’ll be glad you did!

Marcia Latta, Communications Consultant:

Megan is a frequent contributor to our monthly publication for school district board members and staff. She has deep knowledge of a variety of relevant topics for our audience, including social media, leadership and community engagement.

She is reliable and produces well-organized, interesting and useful articles on timely topics. I have appreciated Megan’s work and conscientiousness, and I count on her for regular content.

Don Wertz, Lighting Designer and Manufacturer/Technical Consultant at Anderson Industrial Arts:

Megan has greatly improved my capture rate as a technical consultant. Her editing of my technical proposals and marketing materials has greatly enhanced and humanized them. Her writing is clear and approachable, and yet still remains concise. Many times I am hired to perform a highly technical task, by someone who is essentially a lay person. Being able to remove their apprehension has changed the way my business is viewed by my clients, for which I am extremely grateful.