Social Media for Artists (Part 2): Effective Social Media

This second part of our four-part series on social media marketing for artists covers more broad strokes on how you can find and meet your market, and where to focus your efforts.  (Find Part One here.) Have a purpose in mind. This may sound simple and obvious but far too many people have no idea … [Read more...]

Social Media Plan for Artists (Part 1): How to Communicate as an Artist Brand

Social media marketing for artists is a lot like social media marketing for any business, but with some added benefits.  Alas, if you’re looking for a quick fix for your problems, you’ve come to the wrong place. With social media, shortcuts are useless. Your success as an artist will revolve around … [Read more...]

Small Business Strategy: Should I Hire a Ghost Blogger?

One of the conundrums that face a small business owner today is how to effectively market their business using social media.  In the past, a small business owner didn't necessarily need a marketing plan or know how to execute it.  An architect or an arborist could buy a yellowpages ad and put a … [Read more...]