Social Media for Artists (Part 2): Effective Social Media

This second part of our four-part series on social media marketing for artists covers more broad strokes on how you can find and meet your market, and where to focus your efforts.  (Find Part One here.) Have a purpose in mind. This may sound simple and obvious but far too many people have no idea … [Read more...]

The 194 Top Responsibilities of Small Business Owners (Ha!)

The job of a small business owner seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  Once upon a time, someone could decide they wanted to have a window-installation business, and five minutes later they had traded a donkey for three months' worth of storefront rent and six panes of glass and they were in … [Read more...]

How Do I Find My Customers?

While medium to large sized businesses have a line item in their budget for market research, a sole proprietor or small business owner likely will not.  The sole proprietor generally starts a business based upon his or her personal beliefs about their product or service, and who they believe will … [Read more...]