Social Media Plan for Artists (Part 1): How to Communicate as an Artist Brand

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Social media marketing for artists is a lot like social media marketing for any business, but with some added benefits.  Alas, if you’re looking for a quick fix for your problems, you’ve come to the wrong place. With social media, shortcuts are … [Continue reading]

The 194 Top Responsibilities of Small Business Owners (Ha!)

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The job of a small business owner seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  Once upon a time, someone could decide they wanted to have a window-installation business, and five minutes later they had traded a donkey for three months' worth of … [Continue reading]

How Do I Find My Customers?

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While medium to large sized businesses have a line item in their budget for market research, a sole proprietor or small business owner likely will not.  The sole proprietor generally starts a business based upon his or her personal beliefs about … [Continue reading]