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Megan J WilsonMegan J. Wilson

Megan writes freelance for multiple publications and blogs. She is also the executive producer of the critically acclaimed webseries The Sanctum. Megan is available to assist with blogging,  sales copy, marketing emails and social media management.

Megan lives in Los Angeles and loves filmmaking, hiking, gardening, and traveling. She’s a coffee shop writer and can be spotted weekdays in Hollywood and Glendale, bonding with her laptop. She also does a little welding when nobody is looking.

Megan is available to lecture or lead workshops on marketing for individuals and small businesses.

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Candace WilsonCandace Wilson

With over 20 years’ experience as a freelance writer, Candace can assist with any writing project.  She also works with clients as a communications consultant, web content developer, book editor,  and webmaster.  She is the founder/owner of LifeWoven Memoirs, a memoirs consulting company, and is collaborating on a book project with a colleague.

Candace lives in the Seattle area when she is not out exploring the world. Hanging out with a book or a friend also make the best of times.

Candace can write, ghost write, edit, or collaborate on any writing project. An experienced teacher and facilitator, she is available to lead workshops or provide onsite training on a variety of topics.