It’s Been a Busy Winter – And We’re Loving It!

Candace and I have been growing BlogPudding slowly for a couple of years now, focusing on our marketing and making sure that we didn’t take on more than we could handle.  During November we got a couple of new clients, and we really started getting busy in February.

It’s been a wonderful season so far.  We made new friends at the always-enlightening classic film blog The Black Maria, where they’re kicking their social media footprint up a notch, thanks to the plan BlogPudding set up for them.

We have been having a blast managing the social media accounts for Vagabond Entertaiment and the films they are currently promoting – At Granny’s House, Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off, and the upcoming international thriller Available.

And every week I get to interview the lovely elementary, middle and high school students of Monroe Public Schools in Washington State for the district’s press releases and newsletter.  I also get to talk to educators who are earning national commendations for doing groundbreaking, extraordinary work .  I love each and every day I spend with these wonderful people, and the opportunity to write their stories.

Thanks to these and all the rest of our wonderful clients, who have made this winter such a joy.

Megan J Wilson ThumbnailMegan J. Wilson is a professional ghostblogger, commercial freelance writer and social marketing consultant. She also blogs at Dirt Totem Productions, where she is an avid cheerleader for social media marketing for independent films.