How We Work

We know you don’t have time to blog

Candace and Megan work closely with you to make sure we understand your business, your marketing plan, and your customer base. Then we blog in your persona and on your behalf to build that crucial relationship you need with your online community.

Knowing that the end goal is optimizing your placement on search engines, we provide reader-focused content dealing with current issues, questions and concerns relevant to your business and community, and helpful or timeless topics.

Are you too small to ask for help?

BlogPudding  works with small to medium sized businesses or individuals to provide customized content to help bring traffic to your website and meet your online communication needs, and that means we work around your budget needs.  Even a once-a-month blog with the right keywords can make your site more competitive on search engines.  Let us help you boost your viewership to the next level.

Newsletters, brochures and manuals, oh my!

Blogging isn’t all we do! We can help with all of your writing needs: web content, sales brochures, marketing emails, newsletters, employee manuals – you name it!

Drop us a note and let us help your business rise to the top!