Blogging Has Never Been More Important

That said, blogging is hard work!

Maybe you’re a landscaper or a hairdresser or a small electronics manufacturer.  After a long day of planting begonias, trimming bangs or soldering filaments, maybe you don’t feel like putting another two or three hours into generating the fresh, exciting content that search engines need you to show in order for them to rate you above your competitors.

That’s where we come in.

BlogPudding has a variety of social media packages, from blogging once a week on your behalf, to blogging three times a week and managing your Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

We make it easy.

Contact us to get started:  You tell us what your marketing goals are, and we start making them happen.  It’s pretty much that easy.

Let us take the weight of creating fresh, reliable content for your website, off of your shoulders.  That’s what writers are for.