5 Tricks for Beating the Social Media Summertime Blues

Attributed to Olin Gilbert by a Creative Commons license

Attributed to Olin Gilbert by a Creative Commons license

Is your business having trouble getting traction this summer?  Are you having a hard time figuring out what blog content to generate or social media bandwagons to jump on?

Summer can be tough.  With a lot of people on vacation, most businesses delay action on important decisions until the fall, meaning B to B sales are flat or falling.  And consumers are notoriously fickle over the summer, prefering to go to picnics and the beach than spend their time shopping.  With no holidays to wrap a sale around, summer can feel like a dead zone.

Since we can’t just wait until the school year starts, here are some summer social media tips to keep your feeds hopping.

1. Keep on Top of Topics and Trends

What are people talking about, and how can you piggyback on it?  What is currently going viral and how can you contribute to that?

The key thing with staying on top of trends and viral content is having a whole lot of creativity to bring to the table.  Remember “what color is the dress?”  This winter a photo of a black and blue dress swept the internet, easily become the most viral thing this year.

Salvation Army DressgateWhile everyone was talking about what became known as “Dressgate”, Salvation Army adroitly used a simple photo of a woman wearing The Dress as a platform to get people talking about domestic violence with the title “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?”

What ways can you turn the viral discussion to your benefit?

2. Try Something New

Amazon Prime Day picTake a tip from Amazon, who made news this month for creating their own holiday, Prime Day!  While a lot of the buzz was sour grapes from people who woke up too late to get good deals, or didn’t appreciate the deals they offered, Amazon’s same-day sales jumped 266% on Prime Day, July 15, and were 18% over  their 2014 Black Friday sales.  Take that, summertime sales blues!

What can you do to change the paradigm?

3. Keep Your Content Fresh and Fun

Do you have someone on-staff with a comedy-writing bone?  Ask them to write a short blog article over the summer, and don’t forget to heap on the praise when they do!

If your staff is not writing-inclined, hire a writing company to throw some fresh content your way.  Companies like BlogPudding will often take short-term contracts – use them to give your writer a vacation and see if you like the results.

Whether you have a regular on-staff writer who generates your content, or a freelance professional like BlogPudding, it’s important that your content be timely, fresh and fun. What can you do to bring the fun this summer?

With a little ingenuity, this summer can be all about you.

Megan J Wilson ThumbnailMegan J. Wilson is a professional ghostblogger, commercial freelance writer and social marketing consultant. She also blogs at Dirt Totem Productions, where she is an avid cheerleader for social media marketing for independent films.